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The Pumpkin Festival at Kootingal  at the weekend has gone down as the most successful on record.Held on 10th APRIL 2011.


An estimated 5000 to 6000 people crowded onto the town’s sportsground in perfect weather conditions.


The biggest pumpkin, weighing in  at 516.8 kilograms, was grown by Ben Surma from the Kempsey district and now holds the Australian Heaviest Pumpkin Record.

There were many entrants in the big pumpkin competition, with entrants from many Primary & Secondry Schools also the variety of entrance in the many other classifation keeps the Judges busy. 

The festival, officially opened The Mayor of Tamworth Regional Council Mr Col Murry and Kootingal Lions Club President Mr Dave Robinson. The Festival is a Communnity Project run by the Lions Club for the benefit of the Community.


The dozens of stalls on the sportsground proved popular and the shearing and wood chopping demonstrations drew large crowds.


 The country music artists who appeared in the ampitheatre at the site provide extremely popular and the food court was crowded all day.


Please find attached a complete list of prizewinners from the festival……


APRIL 10, 2011 




Class P1           Summers IGA heaviest pumpkin 

                        Winner:           Ben Surma - Kempsey           Australian Record weight 518KG.

                        Runner Up      Rodney Leadbeater

Class P2           Summers IGA Heaviest pumpkin grown by a school in    


                         Winner:        Peel High School    Weight:  185kg

                        2nd Place:     Peel High School   

Class P3          Heaviest pumpkin grown by a Local within Tamworth 

                               City Council Region

Winner:        Steve Hill           weight 167KG

2nd Place      Paul Moxon                                       

Class P4         Kootingal Real Estate Heaviest Queensland Blue                                       

Winner:            Marie Duffy – Moonbi           


Class P5          Bex Saloon Best any other variety pumpkin

                        Winner:            Mary Radoll- Moonbi

                        2nd Place:        Yvonne Redman


Class P6         Kootingal Post Office Heaviest Jarrandale 

Winner:            Keith Thompson – Moonbi                              

Class P7          Bex Saloon Decorated pumpkin

                        Winner:            Kerran & Karlean Olsen

                        2nd Place:         Laura George


Class P8           Tamworth Small Engines Most humorous pumpkin

Winner:            Duri Public School

                        2nd Place:        Mary Radoll


Class P9          Bex Saloon Guess The Weight of wheelbarrow full of pumpkins


Winner:          Maureen Baldwin 

2nd place       Mary Radoll   



Class C1          Kootingal Country Inn six (6) Pumpkin scones

Winner:            Elva Clow

                        2nd Place:        Vera Lee

Class C2          Kootingal Country Inn Pumpkin soup

Winner:            Elva Clow

                        2nd Place:        Jeanette Nichols   

Class C3          Kootingal Real Estate Pumpkin Fruitcake    

Winner:            Elva Clow

                        2nd Place:         Carol Logan   

Class C4          Pumpkin Fruit & Nut Loaf

Winner:             Carol Logan

Class C5          six (6)  Pumpkin Muffins

Winner:             Helen Squires

Class C6          six (6)  Pumpkin Biscuits

Winner:            Bob Forrester                         

Class C7          Pumpkin Jam or Chutney or Pickles

Winner:            Coralie James

                        2nd Place:         Mary Radoll  

Class C8          six (6) Pumpkin Pikelets made by Primary School student

Winner:              Lucy Hoffman

2nd Place:          Sophie Logan

Class C9          Pumpkin Tart

Winner:             Vanessa Sanger 

                        2nd Place:          Mary Radoll                                              

                      Hand-crafted  Section

Class HA1       Open – Spinners & Weavers, Quilters, Knitters, Wood Turners, etc. Sponsored by Shearmore

Winner:             Linda Nichols

                        2nd Place:         Verna Lee


Adults: Winner:   Mens John Vella   2nd  Tim Drury

                           Womens Marie Edwards 2nd Place:  Tania Walsh

                           Children Brianna Barber  2nd Place  Conrad George

Wheelbarrow Race

                        Winner:  Men    John Vella    2nd Place         Darren Ferry

                                    Women  Cheryl Blacker  

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